What people say

Pam Katz


“Your oil arrived in perfect order. We are very pleased with the frame. We are especially pleased that we bought it. ”

Mark Moriarty

“Well the painting arrived today. It is amazing!!! I really love it! ”

Joan Durrant

“My painting arrived in perfect shape Wednesday, and I'm sooooooo thrilled with it!! ”


“Thank you so much again for the beautiful picture - as you can see we have it framed. ”


“Oh the painting is absolutely gorgeous! It is exactly what I imagine when I think of Ireland. I am so happy.... ”



“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the absolutely beautiful picture you have painted.”

Bert and Eileen

“We both think it reflects our admiration for you as an artist that you make such beautiful and creative things!”



“We think nothing but good thought of you whenever we come in the front door ... ”

Barton Wolfe

Monterey, USA

“We have just returned to Monterey from purchasing our new home in Pacific Northwest - And waiting for us, right on top of all our mail was your package.”

Kate Carter


“Martine, the painting just arrived! It is safe and sound and you can breathe a sigh of relief. We really love it. ”


Colleen cried when she saw what you did for her! Thank you so much for being a special part of the anniversary book.



“The painting arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful. My mother was in tears... ”

Leslie N. Giresi


“The mirror arrived and I brought it to Michelle. She and her fiancée opened it last night and loved it!”


from McInery, USA

“I just wanted to let u know that I received the prints on Saturday! I love them - They are already up and look great.”